Remembering Ayman Taha

This blog is dedicated to Ayman Abdel-Rahman Ali Taha, who died a soldier in Iraq on December 30, 2005. He was a loving father, husband, and son, beloved brother, nephew, cousin and friend whose loss we are heartbroken over. Rest in Peace, until we meet again. Please send comments for the blog to:

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

To ALLAH we belong, and to him we must return

Well i don't know what i can say... when i heard the bad news about ayman i was surprised indeed, died in iraq?! And after a while i returned my mind to the past when i met him when he was in sudan and i was working with my uncle ahmed abdelrazag at mercedes benz and he used to come and say hi to me and we talked a lot about life and what is going there and we were both born in 1974... so i was just surprised by ayman indeed..he never showed me that he is proud or what ppl used to do when they got out and return to sudan to show us how they got a money and education... no he was great person... just simple and lovely and as his father said he can lead u to true friendship... wow life is short yeah i know but it's not fair and i just spend with him 3 days and when i heard he got married i was happy- finally he married and found someone to share his entire life with...
truly i just wished if God give us a long age to meet each other again but he died ..and of course Muslim like me will ask why he died there..? but i read all articles about him and what his father said... and i believe in one thing he is shaheed...he followed my eldest brother amir eldirdiri... yeah they left their life and died in an honorable way ..they believed in what they did and know exactly what they are doing...
i wished if i..but what we can say hope meet in the heaven with the messenger of ALLAH mohammed soon..
your sincerely,
omer eldirdiri


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