Remembering Ayman Taha

This blog is dedicated to Ayman Abdel-Rahman Ali Taha, who died a soldier in Iraq on December 30, 2005. He was a loving father, husband, and son, beloved brother, nephew, cousin and friend whose loss we are heartbroken over. Rest in Peace, until we meet again. Please send comments for the blog to:

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Letter from Toby Heppel

Dear Dr. Taha,

After we met in London last month, I visited the websites you mentioned, and found myself introduced, if only fleetingly, to the memory of your son Ayman. What struck me most was the love and admiration he inspired in those who met him. He was quite clearly a very remarkable man, and was pretty certain that when he said he wanted to "make a difference" he must have known he was blessed with special gifts.

Some people might find it puzzling that Ayman should have chosen the profession of arms as the means of achieving his aims. It seems to me that he must have looked coolly at his talents, and knew their value, and knew, furthermore, how they could be deployed so as to bring them to bear on a situation where they would do more good.

And besides, as Dr. Johnson put it, "Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier."

It is not given to us to know why the bravest and the best should be taken from us before we have taken full benefit of the promise of excellence that so obviously resides in them. And I will not deceive myself that anything I say in condolence can bring even the smallest comfort to you, or your family, or to his family. The best I can say is how sorry I am, and how I wish I had met Ayman.

With best wishes.

Toby Heppel


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